Monday, December 7, 2009

Hell 8" x 10"

Sorry it's been a while between posts...I just finished this painting for a holiday show in Cincinnati.
I also did a painting for a Starwars tribute book, which comes out next Fall. 100 artists from around the world, Many of whom I've adimired for years, are doing something for the book as well. All the paintings will be going on a national museum tour, starting in a year or so....
I'll post the painting soon....


  1. Looking forward to seeing
    what you painted - especially
    for Star Wars :D

  2. Who knew Hell was so adorable?

    What are the details on the Cincinnati holiday show?

  3. Congrats on doing a piece for the Star Wars tribute book...That will be huge! TULSA can't wait for your visit in February. You have quite a following here in Oklahoma!

  4. wow! look forward to seeing the SW piece!
    Love this painting. Nightmare situation, you can feel the robot's pain!

  5. i saw this at ritual! are prints for sale yet?

  6. I just wanted to say I love your robot paintings they are very unique and make me feel young.